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Are You Sure You're the Principal?

Are You Sure You're the Principal?
A Guide for New and Aspiring Leaders

Second Edition

Foreword by Roland S. Barth

July 2008 | 152 pages | Corwin
A treasure chest of leadership craft knowledge from a principal who has 'been there!'Written for new and experienced principals, this resource from former principal Susan Villani combines practical advice and theoretical insight to offer invaluable, no-nonsense leadership strategies. Through stories and commentary, the author discusses how to build community with students and teachers, balance listening and leading, represent the interests of students, work through conflict, be a mentor, and seek advisors for guidance and support. This second edition is updated with: A new chapter on Reflecting on a Career Study guides for group or individual professional development
Foreword by Roland S. Barth
About the Author
1. Are You Sure You're the Principal?
First Impressions

Larger Than Life

The Look of Leadership

A Little Respect

2. Working Through Conflict
Saving Face

The Pain of Ostracism and the Power of Understanding

Knowing When to Hold and When to Fold

What's Worth Fighting For

Diversity in the Principal's Office

Establishing Credibility

Lessons Learned

3. Communicating Who We Are and What We Believe
Using Symbols to Convey Values

She Smiles Too Much

Being Clear

Expressing Outrage

Telling Our Truths

How We Are Known

Accepting Ourselves

4. Building Community
Making All Students Feel Part of the Community

Acceptance Based on Being

Hiring New Teachers and Promoting Teacher Development

What We Have in Common

Lonely at the Top

Sharing Leadership: When and How

5. Advisors, Mentors, and Allies
Demonstrating Caring

Seeking or Accepting Support

The Serendipity of Mutual Mentoring

Passing the Torch and Sharing Its Light

6. Reflecting on a Career: Committing to Pursue Professional Passion
Am I in the Right Place Doing the Work I Want to Be Doing?

My Choices and Yours

People Whose Work Is Featured in the Sudy Guides
Study Guide for All Chapters
Study Guides for Individual Chapter

"Through the use of stories, Susan Villani brings to life the essence of school leadership. For those aspiring to be school principals, this book brings into focus the realities of serving in a leadership role. A must-read for tomorrow’s principals!"

Gerald Tirozzi, Executive Director
National Association of Secondary School Principals

"Susan Villani offers stories and vignettes that capture the deepest questions and concerns faced by new and aspiring principals and reminds readers that they are not alone; others have faced these challenges and survived to tell the story."

Stephanie Hirsh, Executive Director
National Staff Development Council

"An engaging storyteller, Villani models the caring, compassionate, and reflective practice that characterizes effective principals. A vivid picture of authentic leadership emerges as we experience Villani's sometimes painful, yet always instructive actions recounted with humor and grace. We are privileged to witness the emotional as well as the cognitive side of Villani's journey to greater self-awareness, and to benefit from the voices included in the study guide."

Mary Forte Hayes, Executive Director
Massachusetts Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development

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