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Being an Impact Champion

Being an Impact Champion
Enacting Corporate Social Consciousness

  • Priya Nair Rajeev - Associate Professor and Head, Centre of Excellence for Social Innovation, Organizational Behaviour and Human Resources, Indian Institute of Management Kozhikode
  • Simy Joy - Faculty fellow, Centre of Excellence for Social Innovation, Organizational Behaviour and Human Resources, Indian Institute of Management Kozhikode

November 2021 | 240 pages | SAGE Response
Social consciousness is neither corporate social responsibility (CSR) nor public relations but a mindset that understands and accepts the interconnectedness of the economic, social and natural environments that can cause internal disruptions in an organization. Socially conscious organizations do not come to existence without socially conscious managers. The book will enable socially conscious managers to become impact champions through three pathways so that they can successfully initiate and run socially responsible business innovations, CSR projects and social entrepreneurial ventures. 

The book is organized into five parts. Part 1 sets the context and provides the readers with tools to reflect on contemporary social and environmental issues and their own personal orientations for action. For developing the skills necessary to be capable of contributing to the triple bottom line, young managers need to deepen their understanding of social problems, developmental issues, threats to the environment and long-standing issues of sustainability and environmental management, all of which are woven into various chapters. In the next four parts, the book progresses through three pathways, namely, socially driven business innovation, CSR, and social entrepreneurship. Being an Impact Champion hopes to instill confidence in new managers to talk about socially and environmentally sensitive issues facing the corporate world and thereby expand their capacity to influence.
Series Note
Note by Series Editor
PART I: Being an Impact Champion—An Introduction
Social Consciousness: The Imperative for Our Times
Society and Development: Corporate Partnerships for Equitable and Sustainable Growth
PART II Pathway 1—Corporate Social Responsibility
Corporate Social Responsibility: Giving Back to the Society
Social Impact Assessment: A Key Tool to Ensure Real Impact
PART III Pathway 2—Corporate Social Innovation
Corporate Social Innovation: Widening the Scope
Championing Corporate Social Innovation: How It Is Done
PART IV Pathway 3—Social Entrepreneurship
Social Enterprises: Creating Businesses for Social Impact
Getting a Social Enterprise off the Ground: Funding and Incubation Landscape
PART V Embarking on the Journey
Becoming an Impact Champion: An Action Plan
An Impact Champion’s Pledge
List of Organisations and Corporations

This book shows how young managers can indeed turn their corporate jobs into opportunities to address social and environmental issues that need addressing urgently and meaningfully. For those who wonder how they can take on these challenging issues, this book lays out three clear and actionable pathways—corporate social responsibility, corporate social innovation, and social entrepreneurship—which they can choose from depending on their inclinations and circumstances. Written in a lucid and accessible style, using only Indian examples, it describes the pathways, key challenges, and most importantly, how to address them.

Nagaraja (Naga) Prakasam
Founder Chairman, Nativelead; Partner, Acumen Fund; Lead Angel Investor and Founding Angel, IAN Impact

The book boldly introduces the concept of corporate social consciousness and sketches out the role of an impact champion to enact it—as an intrapreneur through corporate social responsibility and corporate social innovation or outside an organization as a social entrepreneur.

Dr Sapna Poti
Director Strategic Alliances, Office of the Principal Scientific Adviser to the Government of India

This book lays out a multi-level and multidimensional approach to impact assessment, an area critical for ensuring corporate social responsibility projects’ effectiveness.

Nixon Joseph
CEO, CLT India, CSR Consultant, former President and Chief Operating Officer, SBI Foundation

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