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Behavioral Neuroscience - International Student Edition

Behavioral Neuroscience - International Student Edition
Essentials and Beyond

International Student Edition

January 2020 | SAGE Publications, Inc
Behavioral Neuroscience: Essentials and Beyond shows students the basics of biological psychology using a modern and research-based perspective. With fresh coverage of applied topics and complex phenomena including social neuroscience and consciousness, author Stephane Gaskin delivers the most current research and developments surrounding the brain's functions through student-centered pedagogy. Carefully crafted features introduce students to challenging biological and neuroscience-based concepts through illustrations of real-life application, exploring myths and misconceptions, and addressing students' assumptions head on. 

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Chapter 1: Behavioral Neuroscience: understanding brain-behavior relationships

1.1 What is behavioral neuroscience?

1.2 The evolution of brain-behavior relationships

1.3 The origins of behavioral neuroscience

1.4 Studying Brain and Behavior Today

Chapter 2: Neurons and Glia

2.1 Putting neurons into context

2.2 The structure of neurons

2.3 The action potential

2.4 Glia

Chapter 3: The Synapse, Neurotransmitters, Drugs and Addiction

3.1 The synapse

3.2 Neurotransmitters

3.3 Drugs and drug addiction

Chapter 4: The Nervous System

4.1 Central Nervous System Development

4.2 The Fully Developed Brain

4.3 The Peripheral Nervous System

Chapter 5: Neuro Development, Neuroplasticity and Aging

5.1 Neurodevelopment

5.2 Neuroplasticity

5.3 The Aging Brain: adolescence and old age

Chapter 6: Sensation and Perception 1: Vision and Hearing

6.1 Vision

6.2 Hearing

Chapter 7: Sensation and Perception 2: taste, smell and touch

7.1 Taste

7.2 Smell

7.3 Touch

Chapter 8 Sensorimotor Systems

8.1 This is what makes you move

8.2 Spinal control of movement

8.3 Cortical control of movement and sensorimotor Integration

Chapter 9: Motivation: Energy Balance, Temperature regulation and Sleep

9.1 Theories of Motivation

9.2 Physiological Mechanisms

9.3 Wake and Sleep Regulation

Chapter 10: Hormones: Social and Reproductive and Behavior

10.1 What are hormones?

10.2 Hormones and behavior

10.3 Organizing effects of hormones and sexual orientation

Chapter 11: Emotions

11.1 What are Emotions?

11.2 Emotions: where in the brain

11.3 Emotions and decision-making: beyond the amygdala

11.4 Aggression

Chapter 12: Memory and Learning

12.1 Memory and memory systems

12.2 Long-term memory

12.3 Memory consolidation

12.4 Navigating through space: spatial memory

12.5 Learning at the molecular level: the acquisition of memories

Chapter 13: Attention and Consciousness

13.1 Attention

13.2 Consciousness

Chapter 14: Psychological Disorders

14.1 What is a psychological disorder?

14.2 Anxiety Disorders

14.3 Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD)

14.4 Major Depressive Disorder

14.5 Schizophrenia

Chapter 15: Social Neuroscience

15.1 What is Social Neuroscience?

15.2 Self-Awareness

15.3 Theory of Mind

15.4 Social Pain

15.5 Altruism

15.6 Cooperation and Trust


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