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Beat Your Writer's Block

Beat Your Writer's Block

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October 2020 | 116 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

Finding it difficult to begin writing? This book gives you the knowledge and tools you need to be able to understand the root of your writing anxiety, overcome your writer's block and write with ease. 

  • Understand and overcome writing anxiety
  • Implement techniques such as clustering, mind mapping, and journaling
  • Be confident in your writing.

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Super Quick Skills gives you the foundations you need to confidently navigate the ups and downs of university life.

How can I overcome writing anxiety?
How can I overcome writer’s block?
How can research help?
How can clustering and mind-mapping help?
How can planning techniques help you to write?
How can keeping a journal help you to write?
How can freewriting help?
How can time management help you to write?


A Super Quick Skills Video

Watch our Super Quick introduction to beating writer's block with author Andrew Edwards.

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With a post-pandemic generation of new undergraduates coming to HE, many students are out of practice with writing. This lovely little book has some great informal strategies such as clustering, journal writing and freewriting to get students off the starting blocks with their assignments.

Professor Wendy Slade
Academic Development, Weston College
August 10, 2022

ideal for all learnings for those moments when they think they do not know, what it is they need to know to write for their assignment. A must have.

Miss Paula E Williams
Counselling, Havering College of FE And HE
January 20, 2021