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Tony Morgan University of Leeds, UK 

Tony Morgan is an Associate Professor in Innovation Management Practice at the University of Leeds, where he co-developed and teaches the flagship interdisciplinary Innovation Thinking and Practice module with Lena Jaspersen. He also leads the Masters’ level Innovation Management in Practice module and works with external organisations on the application of innovation and Design Thinking techniques. His interests include innovation, Design Thinking, the practical application of emerging technologies and employability skills.

Prior to joining the University of Leeds, Tony held a three-year Visiting Professor role at the university, as part of the Royal Academy of Engineering’s scheme to infuse practical industry experience into academia. His thirty-year career in the IT industry included twenty years at IBM. His roles included IBM Innovation Centre Leader for a global banking client and Chief Innovation Officer for IBM’s Global Technology Services business unit in the UK and Ireland, where he led a successful programme to instil innovation into IBM’s relationships across a large portfolio of clients.

At IBM, Tony trained experienced leaders and early career professionals in applying innovation related approaches and techniques to address client needs, increase client satisfaction and generate additional revenue. He’s the author of Collaborative Innovation: How Clients and Service Providers Can Work by Design to Achieve It (Business Expert Publishing, 2017). He is currently part of a team at the Leeds Institute of Teaching Excellence carrying out pedagogical research into interdisciplinary team-based teaching and learning with a focus on digital and employability skills.