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Stephen J. Crowley Boise State University, USA

Stephen Crowley is an Associate Professor of Philosophy at Boise State University. He is a graduate of Indiana University (Bloomington) where he was part of a rich inter-disciplinary community (philosophers, computer scientists, psychologists, and biologists) working on issues in animal cognition. He was also a founding member of the Indiana University Philosophy Departments’ Empirical Epistemology Laboratory – a group focused on applying methods from the social sciences to issues within the theory of knowledge in particular as well as philosophy more generally. Since arriving at Boise State, Stephen, while continuing to work on providing a coherent intellectual framework for empirical philosophy, has focused his research on developing an understanding of the barriers to and mechanisms for conducting inter-disciplinary collaborative research. Some of this work involves agent based modeling but the major focus has been on empirically informed investigation with the Toolbox Project ( at the University of Idaho. As a side project Steve spends time wondering why things are so much easier in theory than in practice when it comes to interdisciplinary collaboration!