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Sam Chenery-Morris University of Suffolk, UK

Sam Chenery Morris (RGN, RM, RSCN) is an Associate Professor in Midwifery at the University of Suffolk. She has worked in all areas of midwifery practice, from the community to the delivery suite, from 1995-2003 before moving into teaching in 2006. Sam has a PhD in midwifery education specifically around learning, assessment and grading in clinical practice and an MA in Interprofessional Healthcare Education. Her teaching expertise encompasses normal midwifery practice, neonatal care and screening, professional issues and research methods with her module responsibilities reflecting these areas. She is a link lecturer to local hospitals and has an External Examiner post at the University of Nottingham.  Sam has presented at local, national and international conferences including RCM and RCN conferences, the Doctoral Midwifery Research Society Global Conference and International Confederation of Midwives Congress. She has written chapters in edited books and articles in midwifery journals, including Evidence Based Midwifery, MIDIRS, and Nurse Education in Practice.