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Kraft, Michael

Michael E. Kraft University of Wisconsin, Green Bay, USA

Michael E. Kraft is professor emeritus of political science

and public affairs at the University of Wisconsin–Green

Bay. He is the author of, among other works, Environmental

Policy and Politics, 8th ed. (2022), and coauthor of

Coming Clean: Information Disclosure and Environmental

Performance (2011), with Mark Stephan and Troy D. Abel.

In addition, he is the coeditor of Environmental Policy:

New Directions in the 21st Century, 12th ed. (2025), with

Barry G. Rabe and Norman J. Vig; Toward Sustainable

Communities: Transition and Transformations in Environmental Policy, 2nd ed. (2009), with

Daniel A. Mazmanian; and Business and Environmental Policy: Corporate Interests in the

American Political System (2007) and The Oxford Handbook of U.S. Environmental Policy (2013),

with Sheldon Kamieniecki. For over forty years, he taught courses in environmental policy and

politics, American government, Congress, and public policy analysis.