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Martin Clark University of Central Lancashire, UK

Martin Clark is a lecturer of Neurobiology in the department of Psychology and Computing at the University of Central Lancashire. He is also an associate researcher at the University of Sheffield. Martin completed his PhD in the laboratory of Dr Enrico Bracci at the University of Sheffield. During his PhD he employed electrophysiological methods, including multi-electrode arrays to investigate the circuit dynamics and molecular mechanisms that modulate activity within the ventral pallidum and ventral striatum. His current research interests are focused on molecular mechanisms underpinning ASD (Autistic Spectrum Disorder) and bvFTD (behaviour variant Frontal Temporal Dementia). He is particularly interested in GABAerigc interneurons and the alterations in these populations that may underpin behavioural change or act as key pre-symptomatic biomarkers.   Martin is a fellow of the higher education academy and currently teaches on a range Neuroscience and Psychology courses and modules.