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Majid Yar Lancaster University, UK, Lancaster University

I am a sociologist, criminologist and cultural/media analyst, with more than two decades of experience spanning academic research, teaching, writing, editing, leadership and mentoring.

Educated at the Universities of York and Lancaster, I have held Faculty positions at the Universities of Lancaster, Kent, Keele and latterly Hull, where I was Professor of Sociology between 2008 and 2015.

I have authored more than half a dozen scholarly books and dozens of peer-reviewed articles, and also conducted social scientific research with and for government, charities and business organisations. I have served as an external examiner for undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in the UK, as well as assessing PhD theses in the UK and Australia across the fields of sociology, criminology and political theory. I serve on the Editorial Boards of a number of leading journals, regularly work with and advise academic publishers in the UK and United States, and provide editorial, advisory and mentoring services for clients ranging from undergraduate and post-graduate students to tenured Faculty.