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Kathy Virginia Hemby-Grubb Middle Tennessee State University, USA

Dr. K. Virginia Hemby, is a Certified Hospitality Educator (CHE) and a Certified Online Instructor (COI) and has taught Business Communication at the university level for the past 22 years. She worked as a legal secretary for 10 years prior to earning her doctorate. Dr. Hemby’s areas of specialization are Business Communication; Professional Meeting, Event, Exhibition, and Convention (MEEC) Management; Training and Development; and Office/Administrative Management. She is currently a professor of marketing at Middle Tennessee State University and Director of Raiders' Closet, a nonprofit project established to provide professional attire to MTSU students' in need to be used for interviews for post-graduation jobs. Students are allowed to keep any suit and accessories secured from Raiders' Closet and at no cost to them. Dr. Hemby created Raiders' Closet in 2012 in response to students' comments that they were unable to afford to purchase suits to wear for interviews. She was honored by MTSU as the recipient of the 2016-2017 Public Service Award for her work with Raiders' Closet.