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Kaouther Kooli Bournemouth University

Dr Kaouther Kooli (Unit Leader) is a Principal Lecturer in Marketing in the Department of Marketing, Strategy and Innovation at the Faculty of Management, Bournemouth University. In addition, she is a Programme Leader for the MSc Marketing Management course. She holds a PhD in Marketing. She has over 18 years of higher education teaching experience acquired in the UK, France and Tunisia. Her research interests are in B2B marketing, consumer behaviour and digital marketing. She is the Associate Editor of the Journal of Customer Behaviour and the Chair of the Academy of Marketing B2B Special Interest Group. She has established an annual conference on B2B marketing where academics, students and practitioners get together to debate current issues and challenges facing B2B marketing. She has published in top journals. A list of her recent publications is provided below. Kaouther has been invited to give talks at a number of Universities both national and international.

List of publications:

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