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Jo Fairbanks University of New Mexico, School of Public Administration, Centennial Group, Latin America

Jo Fairbanks, Ph.D., is Professor emeritus with a doctorate in Community Health Education, and has more than 20 years of experience as a public health practitioner in New Mexico. She is also the Director of the Public Health Outreach Education Program (PHOEP), which provides off-campus education in the basics of public health agencies and communities throughout the Southwest. Dr. Fairbanks is very active in community based projects including efforts to build local public health capacity through grants in education and training. She provides courses in Rural Health Issues, Public Health Program Planning and Proposal Writing, US/ Mexico Border Health, and the Final Integrative Experience course to the university, agencies, etc. She co-authored two public health books: The Public Health Primer and Case Studies in Community Health, and has authored several articles on health professional shortages and health care utilization on the border. She developed a web based course in the fundamentals of public health for MCH students that can be accessed through the University of Utah.