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Jeremy Carpendale Simon Fraser University, Canada

Jeremy Carpendale

Jeremy I. M. Carpendale is Professor of Developmental Psychology at Simon Fraser University, Canada. He has published in the areas of cognitive, social cognitive, and moral development. His work focuses on the nature and development of thinking about social and moral matters and the role of language and social interaction in such development. He is author of How Children Develop Social Understanding (2006 with C. Lewis). He is an editor of several books, including Social Life and Social Knowledge: Toward a Process Account of Development (2008 with U. Müller, N. Budwig, & B. Sokol), The Cambridge Companion to Piaget (2009 with U. Müller & L. Smith), and Self- and Social-Regulation: Social interaction and the development of social understanding and executive functions (2010 with B. Sokol, U. Müller, A. Young, & G. Iarocci).