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James C. Ha University of Washington, USA

Dr. James Ha has a 1989 Ph.D. in Zoology/Animal Behavior from Colorado State University and has been on the faculty of the University of Washington since 1992, where he is a Research Associate Professor in the Psychology Department (Animal Behavior Area).  He consults extensively in statistics at U.W. and around the world, while his own research examines the social behavior of Old World monkeys and their management in captivity, Pacific Northwest killer whales, local and Pacific island crows, and domestic dogs.  He has served as a member of the Animal Behavior Society’s Executive Committee in several capacities.  He is also certified as a Full-level Applied Animal Behaviorist and has his own private practice, Companion Animal Solutions, which deals with behavior problems of dogs, cats, and parrots in the Puget Sound area.  He also advises attorneys as an expert legal witness in animal behavior.  He travels extensively and speaks on the topics of his research, especially facets of social behavior in both wild and domestic animals, as well as on the treatment of behavior issues in companion animals.