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Fiona J. Robards The University of Sydney, Australia

Dr. Fiona J. Robards’s career blends research, policy, management, and clinical work over 25 years. Over this period, she has led the development of youth health policy and knowledge mobilization to improve health care for young people. Her PhD explored How marginalised young people navigate the Australian healthcare system. She is also a psychologist with masters-level training in psychology, art therapy, health service management, and public health. She teaches medical and public health students at the University of Sydney and UNSW, coordinating two units of study in the Masters of Sexual and Reproductive Health at the University of Sydney. She is honorary associate, Discipline of General Practice, Westmead Clinical School, and an affiliate of the WH&Y National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) Centre of Research Excellence in Adolescent Health. As part of her public health advocacy, she has sat on various state and commonwealth government committees and is convenor of the Public Health Association of Australia’s Mental Health Special Interest Group and member of the Australian Child Rights Taskforce. She is also an independent consultant providing strategic planning, policy, and resource development to the government and community health care sectors.