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Derrick Armstrong University of Sydney, Australia

Derrick is co-director of a £1.5m research network funded by the UK Economic and Social Research Council investigating young people: 'Pathways Into and Out of Crime: Risk, Resilience and Diversity'. The network centres on a collaboration between five universities in the UK and partners in Australia and the US. The research is exploring the experiences and perspectives of children and young people in relation to antisocial and criminal behaviour. Early in his career, Derrick jointly directed the national evaluation of the "On Track" crime-reduction program in the UK which was concerned with the role of multiple interventions in crime reduction for 6-12 year olds. Other recent research has included work on the history of special educational policy since 1944, a project titled 'Self-advocacy, Civil Rights and theSocial Model of Disability', and a longstanding interest in special-educational assessment and the perspectives of children and parents. A further strand of research since 1998, in collaboration with Dr Ann Cheryl Armstrong, has focused on educational development in the Caribbean, where he has worked with teachers, non-government organisations and education ministries, and where he has undertaken research funded by the UK's Department for International Development. Derrick has writen and edited, and co-authored and co-edited more than 60 articles, book chapters and international conference papers, as well as six books.