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Mazhindu, Deborah

Deborah Mazhindu Buckinghamshire New University, UK

Dr. D. M. Mazhindu is Head of Research Development & Pedagogy at the School of Nursing & Primary Care Practice, Faculty of Health & Applied Social Sciences, Liverpool John Moores University. This strategic role includes: leading the research teaching team in the school, generating & undertaking research & enterprise activity & supporting research capacity & capability through staff development activities, conferences, seminars, international partnership working, supervising PhD students & research assistants. Research interests include: Researching Vulnerable Groups, Older People and Aging, Dementia Care, End of Life Care, Emotions at Work, Occupations & Organizations, The Development of Expert Performance, Professional Judgment and Clinical Competence, Qualitative, Critical, Participatory research methods, Statistics & Evidence Based Practice. Professional interests include: Intensive Care, Acute Medical & Surgical Care, Care of Older People, Work Force & Practice Development, and Improving Service Delivery through Continuing Professional Education (CPE).