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Jackson, Christa

Christa Jackson

Dr. Christa Jackson, a former elementary and middle school mathematics and science teacher, is a Professor of Mathematics, Science, and STEM
Education at Saint Louis University. She is the Founder and Director of the Institute for STEM Collaboration, Outreach, Research, and Education
(iSCORE), where she focuses on transforming the STEM community one mind at a time through fostering scholars’ STEM literacy development,
STEM identities, and STEM sense of belonging. Dr. Jackson researches the development, use, and implementation of integrated STEM curriculum as well as understands the influence curricular materials and the related standards have on teachers’ practices and the opportunities the curricular materials afford scholars to engage in STEM. Dr. Jackson served as a lead writer for Catalyzing Change in Middle School Mathematics: Initiating Critical Conversations. She recently completed her term as President of the School Science and Mathematics Association (SSMA) (2020–2022). Dr. Jackson is a professional developer and a mathematics and STEM consultant who has provided workshops to local, regional, national, and international communities.