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Burgess, Cheryl

Cheryl Burgess Co-founder and CEO, Blue Focus Marketing®

Cheryl Burgess is co-founder and CEO of Blue Focus Marketing®, a consulting firm that delivers future-ready marketing and training solutions to customer-centric organizations. She is the co-author of the pioneering and bestselling book, The Social Employee, which features in-depth success stories from IBM, AT&T, Cisco, Dell, Adobe, Southwest and Domo.

Cheryl is a global speaker and has been named a Top 12 Business Speaker by HuffPost.  She is a LinkedIn Learning course author for Social Employees: The New Marketing Channel.  Cheryl’s ideas have appeared in MIT Sloan Management Review, HBR Italia, Fast Company and Forbes; she is a former special advisory board member to The Economist and The Economist Intelligence Unit.  Other projects include the Wharton Future of Advertising 2020 program and the popular Wharton Business Radio ‘Marketing Matters’ series on XM Radio.  As an IBM VIP influencer and futurist, Cheryl has spoken at numerous IBM events and contributed to leading initiatives such as The Future of Work.

Cheryl is an advisory board member to Omnicom’s sparks & honey, a technology-led cultural consultancy that is disrupting the consulting, research and agency worlds.

She is a frequently invited guest speaker for Rutgers University graduate programs and has earned a BA in Journalism from the University of Pittsburgh.

Twitter:  @ckburgess