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Hansen, C. Bobbi

C. Bobbi Hansen University of San Diego, CA, USA

Dr. C. Bobbi Hansen is an associate professor at the University of San Diego, where she was twice awarded university honors in teaching, scholarship, and service. Additionally, in 2017, she was named, San Diego Science Educator of the Year, for excellence in university science teaching. Dr. Hansen considers herself first a learner, then a teacher as she instructs preservice through graduate-level teacher education courses. Her passion is assisting teachers to better understand and utilize instructional practices that are centered on new advances in the educational neurosciences.


Dr. Hansen has previously authored or co-authored three books and numerous articles focusing on transformative instructional practices. Having been invited to speak at national and international events, she has shared this compelling information with hundreds of educators. Her message is that every one of us has billions-upon-billions of brain cells and an incalculable capacity for learning. As teachers, we are in a privileged position to convey this affirmative evidence to our students and help them uncover their unique learning capacities and talents.