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Bradley A. Winn Utah State University, USA

Brad Winn, a leader in business, government and education, has served in executive positions including vice president, senior manager, legislator, assistant commissioner, provost, and dean. Dr. Winn is a professor of leadership and strategy practice, and the executive MBA director for the Huntsman School of Business at Utah State University. He is lead author of Fundamentals of Business Leadership and serves as senior editor for People + Strategy Journal. Brad is passionate about creating meaningful agreements and consulting with leaders on how to make their organizations more productive and humane. During his distinguished career, he has served as an elected legislator negotiating resolutions to complex issues among a wide variety of stakeholders. Dr. Winn worked in business and industry as a senior manager for Novations consulting firm and as an engineer at ATK Thiokol for NASA’s space shuttle program. Brad is a popular, award-winning professor who presents regularly at national conferences and events. He has twice received “Instructor of the Year” awards and is the recipient of the “Faculty Service of the Year” award. He earned a BS in engineering from Purdue University, an MPA from Brigham Young University, and a PhD from the University of Michigan. Brad and his wife, Johanna, are the parents of five children. He enjoys traveling, camping, hiking, and singing with the world-renowned Tabernacle Choir.