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Anita Sikand Bakshi Practising Paediatric Intensive Care Specialist, Apollo Hospitals, New Delhi.

Anita Bakshi is a practising Paediatric Intensive Care Specialist at Apollo Hospitals, New Delhi.

She grew up in Kashmir where both her parents worked as doctors. She did her medical education and postgraduation in the state of J&K and then came to Delhi in the early nineties. For the past twenty-five years, she has worked in some of the most reputed hospitals in New Delhi. Apart from medicine, her interests are travelling and music. Writing is something she started as a hobby but it has now become a passion.

Doctors on Trial is her third book. The first book Living with Merlin deals with grief and coping with it. The second, PICU – The Transplant is an eBook about the issues of organ transplantation.