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Andrea Whittle Newcastle University Business School, UK

Andrea Whittle is Professor of Management at Newcastle University Business School and previously Head of the Strategy, Organization and Society Research Group. Before joining Newcastle University in 2013, Andrea held a Chair in Organization Studies at Cardiff University. Andrea started her academic career in Natural Science, then did a PhD in Sociology in the field of Science and Technology Studies and since then has taught Management in Business Schools. Andrea’s interest in strategy started without plan or design – much like many strategies themselves emerge. While doing an ethnography of a group of management consultants for her doctoral research, she was fascinated by the social, political, material and discursive processes through which the group tried to shape the firm’s strategy agenda, albeit not always successfully. Since then, she has gone on to develop a keen interest in strategy as practice, applying organization theory and social theory to the study of strategizing processes in a range of contexts. Her more recent work has included longitudinal ethnographic research on a strategy project team in a Multinational Corporation and work on how top managers account for their strategic decisions following crises and scandals. Central to all her work is a concern for understanding how discourse and power are implicated in all forms of organization – of which strategy is not an exception but an exemplar.