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Alcohol Use Among Adolescents

Alcohol Use Among Adolescents

  • Michael Windle - University of Alabama at Birmingham, Department of Psychology, Emory University, Atlanta, Georgia

August 1999 | 136 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
`The beauty of the book is in the detail and the selection of research findings which encourage one to go to the 12 pages of references to seek out the original papers' - `Alcohol & Alcoholism

Covering the latest research and literature on the use of alcohol by adolescents, this concise book provides leads for understanding its aetiology and effective interventions, as well as pointing to future lines of research.

Topics covered include: an introduction to the scope of issues related to alcohol use; a review of approaches to the measurement of alcohol-related behaviours among adolescents; and social policy interventions and major conceptual and methodological issues that need to be addressed. The book at once conveys the significance of adolescent alcohol use as a social and clinical problem but also points to promising leads for its amelioration.

Scope of Adolescent Alcohol Use
An Introduction

Measurement and Diagnosis
Risk and Protective Factors
Approaches to the Prevention of Alcohol Use and Abuse
Conceptual and Methodological Issues and Future Research Directions

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ISBN: 9780761909200

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