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Advertising in the Digital Age

Advertising in the Digital Age
Theories and Practices

April 2024 | 304 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
Advertising is everywhere.  

Whether you realise it or not, it's there when you watch your favourite Netflix show, when you scroll through Instagram, and when you search on Google.

What's more, advertisers are becoming more savvy than ever, using new technologies to target adverts to you specifically.

So what are we to make of all this? This book will equip you with a thorough understanding of today's media environment and how 'online' advertising differs from traditional 'offline' models. In an age of influencers, big data, AI and social media, the world of advertising looks very different from how it did a generation ago. You will learn not only about various types of advertising, but also about its impact on viewers, from our buying habits to possible harm. Tying theory and concepts to practice, this volume is the ideal complement to courses in advertising, digital media and communication, and will enable you to form a clear picture of the reality of working across promotional media industries.
Chapter 1: Introduction to Online Advertising
Chapter 2: The role of co-creation in Advertising
Chapter 3: Measuring Engagement and Effectiveness of Online Advertising
Chapter 4: Online Harms and Advertising
Chapter 5: Real-time advertising
Chapter 6: Branded content in Advertising
Chapter 7 Exploring the Boundaries of Reality: A Look at Virtual and Augmented Reality
Chapter 8: Native advertising: Balancing Creativity and Transparency
Chapter 9: Mobile-geo targeting in advertising
Chapter 10: Artificial intelligence in Advertising
Chapter 11: Influencer advertising
Chapter 12: The role of Product Placement in online advertising
Chapter 13: The future of Online Advertising

Great textbook, particularly for postgraduate students

Dr Joseph Vella
Dept of Media and Communication, University of Malta
May 29, 2024

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