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A Quick Guide to Behaviour Management

A Quick Guide to Behaviour Management

May 2019 | 152 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

Even the best and most experienced teachers can struggle with classroom control and it is likely your experiences will vary day-to-day. Bestselling author of Learning Theories Simplified Bob Bates, together with former head teachers Andy Bailey and Derek Lever, offers one-stop support for all teachers in A Quick Guide to Behaviour Management.


Whether you are working with children, young people or adults it will help you:


·       understand why challenging behaviour occurs

·       learn how to be a great teacher in the face of challenging behaviour

·       recognise a range of personalities you may encounter in the classroom and the strategies for dealing with them

Blending learning theories with real-life case studies, it fosters a deeper understanding of what causes challenging behaviour and equips you with all you need to know to handle it!

Part 1: Introduction
1.1 What is challenging behaviour?

1.2 Why does it happen?

1.3 Who's to blame?

1.4 The myths of behaviour management

Part 2: Being a great teacher
2.1 Know your rights as a teacher

2.2 Know your own default position

2.3 Know how to plan your classroom effectively and control space

2.4 Know how to create a first and lasting impression on your learners

2.5 Know what approaches you need to work on to deal with conflict in the class

2.6 Know who you can turn to for help

2.7 Know how to deal with learners with special educational needs or disabilities

2.8 Know how to deal with victims of abuse

2.9 Know how to deal with perpetrators and victims of radicalisation

Part 3: Dealing with challenging individuals
3.1 Making everyone feel safe and confident

3.2 Dealing with Low Level Disruptors

3.3 Getting the best out of challenging individuals

Managing Behaviours

A true story


This book gives excellent examples of how to deal with the many challenges a teacher faces on a daily basis. There are plenty of tips to deal with various situations, and lots of great ideas to engage a learner’s attention. The authors’ knowledge and experience clearly underpins the practicalities of behaviour management.

Ann Gravells

Fantastic source of reference for PGCE and trainee teachers, packed full of useful practical advice supported by a sound theoretical base

Ms Kelly Stewart
Centre for Excellence in Learning and Teaching, University of Central Lancashire
May 12, 2020

Sample Materials & Chapters

Part 1: Introduction