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A General Theory of Competition

A General Theory of Competition
Resources, Competences, Productivity, Economic Growth

January 2000 | 320 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
A General Theory of Competition develops a ground-breaking new theory of competition - `resource-advantage theory'.

Recent thinking on competition has assumed the premises, structure and implications of the theory of perfect competition.

In his long-awaited book Shelby Hunt draws on economics, management, marketing and sociology to articulate resource-advantage theory. The author proceeds to illustrate how and why his theory may be used to explain and predict economic phenomena with great accuracy.

This volume is extremely well-referenced, with detailed source notes.

Antecedents and Affinities
Evolutionary and `Austrian' Economics

Antecedents and Affinities
Heterogeneous Demand and Differential Advantage

Antecedents and Affinities
Business Strategy and Institutional Theory

Resource-Advantage Theory
Foundational Premises

Resource-Advantage Theory
An Evolutionary Theory of Competition

Productivity, Efficiency and Effectiveness
Endogeneous Economic Growth
The Wealth of Nations

"This truly interdisciplinary book successfully develops a general theory of competition which is rich in explanatory breadth and depth." 

Robert F. Lusch
University of Oklahoma

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