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Your Research Project

Your Research Project
Designing, Planning, and Getting Started

Fourth Edition

December 2019 | 416 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

With a calming, reassuring tone, Nicholas Walliman gives you the ability and confidence to plan, design, and prepare for your research project.  The new edition of this bestselling book will help you:

- Explain research theory within the context of your own project  

- Curate, structure, and format your literature review

- Anticipate the challenges of social media and web-based research

- Apply ‘how to’ tips quickly to your own research planning and design

- Monitor your progress in the field with checklists

- Develop writing habits to use as a springboard for dissertations, reports, and articles

- Build a foundation of practical, general research skills like time management, organization, and critical thinking to carry you beyond your project.  

New to the 4th Edition:

- New step-by-step chapter on how to write a successful research proposal 

- New chapter 'Writing Strategies' offers guidelines for different assignments to help carry students beyond their research proposal

- More ‘How To’ examples of literature reviews, proposals and ethics applications

- Expanded coverage of literature review strategies - more emphasis on accessing on-line resources and use of the internet

- Enhanced checklists of issues for consideration or tasks students should undertake in order to progress their work

- More information surrounding online and social media research and implications on information sourcing, ethics, and methods 

- Increased coverage of the research methods section to include more practical support and additional information on mixed-methods 

- Further stresses the importance of avoiding plagiarism with an expanded section on this topic.


Particular Features of the Book
Structure and Outline of the Book
Chapter 1 Types of Research and the Research Problem: Beginning Your Project
Chapter 2 Research Theory and the Nature of Knowledge: Understanding Philosophies and Approaches
Chapter 3 Using Language and Understanding Arguments
Chapter 4 Finding, Organising and Retrieving Information
Chapter 5 Doing Your Literature Review, Forming Original Ideas and Defining Your Research Topic
Chapter 6 Honesty and Research Ethics: Establishing an Ethical Code
Chapter 7 Research Methods: Choosing the Best Methods for Your Project
Chapter 8 The Research Proposal: Planning and Structuring Your Ideas
Chapter 9 Writing Strategies: Getting Started and Maintaining Momentum Throughout Your Project

recommended to my dissertation students

Mrs Lindsey Nicholls
Faculty of Health & Social Care, Chester University
February 17, 2020