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The Craft of Qualitative Longitudinal Research

The Craft of Qualitative Longitudinal Research

March 2021 | 456 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

Brimming with life maps, life history calendars, and extracts from transcripts and diaries, this book illustrates by example the unique principles, challenges, and applications of qualitative longitudinal research.

Synthesizing current literature on qualitative longitudinal research, it brings together sociological theory and empirically driven longitudinal studies while also highlighting a range of possible research approaches. With a consistent balance of conceptual discussions with hands-on advice, it provides readers with the foundation to adapt lessons-learned from other researchers to fit their own qualitative longitudinal studies.

Supported by research tools such as conceptual road maps, short data extracts, consent forms, and other data organization tools, this book provides everything postgraduate researchers need to transition from the classroom to the field. 

Part One: Introducing Qualitative Longitudinal Research
Chapter 1: Qualitative Longitudinal Research: Mapping the field
Chapter 2: Time and the Processual Turn: Fluid Enquiry
Chapter 3. Time and the Life Course
Part Two: Crafting Qualitative Longitudinal Research
Chapter 4: Design and Sampling in Qualitative Longitudinal Research
Chapter 5: Longitudinal Ethics: Walking Alongside
Chapter 6: Generating Qualitative Longitudinal Data
Part Three: Journeys with Data
Chapter 7: Managing Qualitative Longitudinal Data: Ethics and Practicalities
Chapter 8: Working with Legacy Data
Chapter 9: Qualitative Longitudinal Analysis: Basic Strategies
Chapter 10: Cases and Themes in Qualitative Longitudinal Analysis
Chapter 11: Process and Synthesis in Qualitative Longitudinal Analysis
Chapter 12: Looking Back, Looking Forward

An engaging, timely and tremendously generous guide to qualitative longitudinal research. This book will be of great value to both readers already using this method and those new to the field. 

Julia Cook
University of Newcastle

Written by a world-renowned scholar, this is a seminal text for qualitative longitudinal research. Bren Neale’s wealth of experience, thought-provoking reflections and synthesis of other key studies, provides an accessible, comprehensive and timely guide for researchers, students and teachers.

Susie Weller
University of Southampton

Exploring social life over time opens up exciting research possibilities, Bren Neale provides a lucid and insightful guide to all aspects of qualitative longitudinal research. This engaging, informative, and readable book is gold standard. Highly recommended. 

Jane Millar
University of Bath

A sensitive and thorough examination of qualitative longitudinal research, Neale’s volume presents the rewards, challenges, and ethical demands of researching lives and communities through time. She sets out the history and value of QL, offers a clear discussion of the necessary craft and commitment to collaboration and shared authority, and provides examples of cases that illustrate themes and strategies.  A superb and authoritative history and guide.

Anya Peterson Royce
Chancellor’s Professor of Anthropology, Indiana University