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The City: Modernity

The City: Modernity

Four Volume Set
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December 2017 | 1 352 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

This four-volume Major Work brings together key literatures which offer perspectives on the emergence of the modern city and its connection with the project of modernity. The volumes explore the historical rise of the modern city and theorisations of the dynamics of city-based economic development; the nature of modernist city planning, governance and design; the role that the modern city has played in the rise of societies based on mass consumption; and the intertwining of expression, art and experience in the modern city.

This collection has been built on the premise that cities need to be understood as interdisciplinary objects of study, and the contents have been drawn from a wide variety of sources with roots in areas such as urban anthropology, development studies, economics, history, geography and sociology. The result is a unique and valuable resource for scholars based in a variety of social science and humanities disciplines.

Volume I: The Modern city: Evolution and Development

Volume II: Planning, Governing and Designing the Modern City

Volume III: Consumption, Politics and Popular culture in the Modern City

Volume IV: Modernity, Representation and the City

Part One: Historical Development of Cities and Urbanisation
The Urban Revolution

V.G. Childe
The Origin and Growth of Urbanization in the World

K. Davis
Urbanization and the Economy in Preindustrial Societies: The Findings of Two Decades of Research

P. Bairoch
The Talk of the Town: Human Capital, Information, and the Growth of English Cities, 1861 to 1961

C.J. Simon and C. Nardinelli
Part Two: Spatial Science and the Economic Dynamics of Urbanisation
City Hierarchies and the Distribution of City Size

M.J. Beckmann
Megalopolis: Or the Urbanization of the North Eastern Seaboard

J. Gottman
Urbanization and Counterurbanization in the United States

B. Berry
Industrialization, Initial Advantage, and American Metropolitan Growth

A. Pred
The Valuable Inefficiencies and Impracticalities of Cities

J. Jacobs
Part Three: New Economic Accounts of Contemporary Urbanisation
On the Number and Location of Cities

P. Krugman
Diversity and Specialisation in Cities: Why, Where and When Does It Matter?

G. Duranton and D. Puga
Consumer City

E.L. Glaeser, J. Kolko and A. Saiz
Knowledge Networks as Channels and Conduits: The Effects of Spillovers in the Boston Biotechnology Community

J. Owen-Smith and W.W. Powell
Buzz: Face-to-Face Contact and the Urban Economy

M. Storper and A.J. Venables
Part One: Planning the Modern City: Infrastructure, Populations and Biopolitics
Constructing a City: The Cerdà Plan for the Extension of Barcelona

E. Aibar and W.E. Bijker
Technology and the City

J.W. Konvitz, M.H. Rose and J.A. Tarr
City Building

S. Collier
Maps, Blood and the City

P. Joyce
The ‘Swinish Multitude’: Controversies over Hogs in Antebellum New York City

C. McNeur
Part Two: Critiquing Modern Planning
The High-Modernist City: An Experiment and a Critique

J.C. Scott
Power, Nature, and the City. The Conquest of Water and the Political Ecology of Urbanization in Guayaquil, Ecuador: 1880–1990

E. Swyngedouw
The Bacteriological City and Its Discontents

M. Gandy
Part Three: Planning, Architecture and Order
American Suburbs/English Suburbs: A Transatlantic Comparison

R. Fishman
Seeing Like a City: The Dialectic of Modern and Premodern Ways of Seeing in Urban Governance

M. Valverde
A Geography of Big Things

J.M. Jacobs
Part Four: New Directions in Urban Planning and Governance
Bringing Power to Planning Research One Researcher’s Praxis Story

B. Flyvbjerg
Close Encounters with Buildings

J. Gehl, L.J. Kaefer and S. Reigstad
New Directions in Planning Theory

S.S. Fainstein
Part One: The Emergence of Popular Urban Culture
Take It to the Streets

M. Berman
Popular Culture in Seventeenth-Century London

P. Burke
The Flaneur, the Sandwichman and the Whore: The Politics of Loitering

S. Buck-Morss
Modernity, Urbanism, and Modern Consumption

P.D. Glennie and N.J. Thrift
Part Two: The Birth of Mass Communication and the Urban Crowd
Cult of Distraction: On Berlin’s Picture Palaces

S. Kracauer and T.Y. Levin
Museums and Mass Spectacle: The Musée Grévin as a Monument to Modern Life

V.R. Schwartz

W. Schivelbusch
Part Three: Urban Leisure, Fashion, and Consumption
Middle-Class Parks and Working-Class Play: The Struggle over Recreational Space in Worcester, Massachusetts, 1870–1910

R. Rosenzweig
‘The Women of New York’: A Fashionable Moral Geography

M. Domosh
‘The Halls of Temptation’: Gender, Politics, and the Construction of the Department Store in Late-Victorian London

E. Rappaport
Part Four: Department Store, Shopping Malls and New Consumption Spaces
Is There an Urban History of Consumption?

L. Cohen
Cityscapes: Consumption, Masculinities and the Mapping of London since 1950

F. Mort
Once-upon-a-Time in the Commodity World: An Unofficial Guide to Mall of America

J. Goss
Shopping Malls, Consumer Culture and the Reshaping of Public Space in Egypt

M. Abaza
Part One: The Street, Crowd, and the Urban Gaze
Agoraphobia: Spatial Estrangement in Georg Simmel and Siegfried Kracauer

A. Vidler
Mapping the Self: Gender, Space, and Modernity in Mid-Victorian London

L. Nead
The World as Exhibition

T. Mitchell
Part Two: Literature and the Urban Imagination
The Invisible Flâneuse: Women and the Literature of Modernity

J. Wolff
Vagabond in the Fugitive City: Hans Ostwald, Imperial Berlin and the Grossstadt-Dokumente

P. Fritzsche
Writing the Asphalt Jungle: Berlin and the Performance of Classical Modernity 1900–33

A. Vasudevan
Part Three: Cinema, Movement, Technology
Picturing American Modernity

K. Whissel
Aviation and the Aerial View: Le Corbusier’s Spatial Transformations in the 1930s and 1940s

M.C. Boyer
Urban Mobility and Cinematic Visuality: The Screens of Los Angeles-Endless Cinema or Private Telematics

A. Friedberg
Part Four: Maps, Memory, Imaginaries
Imagining the Modern City

J. Donald
The Power of Place: “Claiming Urban Landscapes as People’s History”

D. Hayden
Part Five: Utopias
A Lineal City in the Pampas: Politics, Materialization and Revolution in Wladimiro Acosta’s Vision for Buenos Aires

L. Minuhin
Reconstituting the Possible: Lefebvre, Utopia and the Urban Question

D. Pinder

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