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Four Volume Set
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December 2016 | 1 288 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
The notion of risk, and the associated concepts of hazard, uncertainty and probability, is a modern one. Such is our preoccupation with anticipating and trying to manage the future living in a ‘risk society', according to Ulrich Beck's famous account. The study of risk - as an at least partially social phenomenon of the modern world - is an even more recent development than the term itself. Risk-related research has increased exponentially since its beginnings in the late 1960s, indicated by the array of specialist journals such as Risk Analysis, Journal of Risk Research and Health, Risk and Society. From original concerns with public perception of risk from technology, food, health, environment and media it has expanded into many new areas, such as terrorism and child safety.

This major work brings together articles that have made an impact and have implications beyond their disciplinary field or topic area, and the literature is organised into the following thematic volumes:

Volume One: Psychological - and American - Origins 

Volume Two: Social Turn and Social Theories 

Volume Three: Regulation Governance and Applied Studies 

Volume Four:
Consequences, Debates, Implications
Social Benefit versus Technological Risk: What Is Our Society Willing to Pay for Safety?

Chauncey Starr
Perception of Risk

Paul Slovic
Perceived Risk, Real Risk: Social Science and the Art of Probabilistic Risk Assessment

William R. Freudenberg
How Safe Is Enough? A Psychometric Study of Attitudes towards Technological Risks and Benefits

Baruch Fishchoff, Paul Slovic, Sarah Lichtenstein, Stephen Read and Barbara Combs
Comparative Studies of Risk Perception: A Review of Twenty Years of Research

Åsa Boholm
Risk Perception and Communication Unplugged: Twenty Years of Process

Baruch Fischhoff
Conditions for Intuitive Expertise: A Failure to Disagree

Daniel Kahneman and Gary Klein
Reasoning the Fast and Frugal Way: Models of Bounded Rationality

Gerd Gigerenzer and Daniel G. Goldstein
Judgement under Uncertainty: Heuristics and Biases

Amos Tversky and Daniel Kahneman
Probability Neglect: Emotions, Worst Cases, and Law

Cass R. Sunstein
When Lives Are in Their Hands: Dilemmas of the Societal Decision Maker

Sarah Lichtenstein, Robin Gregory, Paul Slovic and Willem A. Wagenaar
American Exceptionalism and the Political Acknowledgement of Risk

Sheila Jasanoff
Genealogies of Risk: Searching for Safety, 1930s–1970s

William Boyd
Gender, Race and Perception of Environmental Health Risks

James Flynn, Paul Slovic and C.K. Mertz
Media Discourse and Public Opinion on Nuclear Power: A Constructionist Approach

William A. Gamson and Andre Modigliani
The Social Amplification of Risk: A Conceptual Framework

Roger E. Kasperson, Ortwin Renn, Paul Slovic, Halina S. Brown, Jacque Emel, Robert Goble, Jeanne X. Kasperson and Samuel Ratick
Risk and Responsibility

Anthony Giddens
World Risk Society as Cosmopolitan Society? Ecological Questions in a Framework of Manufactured Uncertainties

Ulrich Beck
Living in a World Risk Society

Ulrich Beck
Critical Reflections on “Reflexive Modernization”

Jeffrey C. Alexander
Beck, Individualization and the Death of Class: A Critique

Will Atkinson
Environment, Modernity and the Risk-Society: The Apocalyptic Horizon of Environmental Reform

Arthur P.J. Mol and Gert Spaargaren
Moral Panic versus the Risk Society: The Implications of the Changing Sites of Social Anxiety

Sheldon Ungar
The Social Fabric at Risk: Toward the Social Transformation of Risk Analysis

James F. Short, Jr
Governmentality and the Risk Society

Pat O’Malley
Risk as a Forensic Resource

Mary Douglas
How Fair Is Safe Enough? The Cultural Approach to Societal Technology Choice

Steve Rayner and Robin Cantor
The Social Construction of Risk Objects: Or, How to Pry Open Networks of Risk

Stephen Hilgartner
Heading into the Unknown: Everyday Strategies for Managing Risk and Uncertainty

Jens O. Zinn
Edgework: A Social Psychological Analysis of Voluntary Risk-Taking

Stephen Lyng
Risk Rationalities in Contemporary Social Work Policy and Practice

Hazel Kemshall
The Rise and Fall of Risk Reporting

Jenny Kitzinger and Jacquie Reilly
The Institutional Origins of Risk: A New Agenda for Risk Research

Henry Rothstein
The Risk Management of Everything

Michael Power
The Limits and Variety of Risk-based Governance: The Case of Flood Management in Germany and England

Kristian Krieger
Risk Analysis and Risk Management: An Historical Perspective

Vincent T. Covello and Jeryl Mumpower
The Rise of the Regulatory State in Europe

Giandomenico Majone
The Hare and the Tortoise Revisited: The New Politics of Consumer and Environmental Regulation in Europe

David Vogel
Comparing Precaution in the United States and Europe

Jonathan B. Wiener and Michael D. Rogers
The Policy Implications of Different Concepts of Risk

Judith A. Bradbury
Technical and Democratic Values in Risk Analysis

Daniel J. Fiorino
Misunderstood Misunderstanding: Social Identities and Public Uptake of Science

Brian Wynne
Fear of Democracy: A Cultural Evaluation of Sunstein on Risk

Dan M. Kahan, Paul Slovic, Donald Braman and John Gastil
Out of the Frying Pan into the Fire: Behavioral Reactions to Terrorist Attacks

Gerd Gigerenzer
The Dangers of Hanging Baskets: “Regulatory Myths” and Media Representations of Health and Safety Regulation

Paul Almond
Safety Management and Public Spaces: Restoring Balance

David J. Ball and Laurence Ball-King
The Rise of Risk and the Decline of Politics

Steve Rayner
Science and the Precautionary Principle

Kenneth R. Foster, Paolo Vecchia and Michael H. Repacholi
The Precautionary Principle and the Uncertainty Paradox

Marjolein B.A. Van Asselt and Ellen Vos
Perceived Risk, Trust and Democracy

Paul Slovic
The Future Lies in Uncertainty

D.J. Spiegelhalter
Using Surveys in Public Participation Processes for Risk Decision Making: The Case of the 2003 British GM Nation? Public Debate

Nick F. Pidgeon, Wouter Poortinga, Gene Rowe, Tom-Horlick Jones, John Walls and Tim O’Riordan
Public Participation Methods: A Framework for Evaluation

Gene Rowe and Lynn J. Frewer

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