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Request Inspection Copies


Let us help you find the best teaching resources for your course, with our free inspection copy service for instructors.

  1. Find out how to request an inspection copy 

  2. Identify which books are available for inspection

  3. Find out more about electronic inspection copies

  4. Read our inspection copy policy


How to identify which books are available for inspection 

Inspection copy button

You can request inspection copies of books in both electronic and print format through the Sage website.

  • Available books are flagged with 'Inspection copy'. On the right-hand side of the book page, you will see a pink 'inspection copy' button. Add the inspection copy to your basket by clicking on this button and placing your order.
  • If the book you’re interested in reviewing for adoption doesn’t have an inspection copy order button, please contact your Sage consultant for support as they may still be able to provide an inspection copy to you after consultation.



How to request an inspection copy

1. Find the book for your course

You can search for books in a number of ways: use the search bar in the top-right corner of every page, click on Disciplines in the top left of every page and select your subject area, or view our latest titles and select the book(s) you wish to inspect. You are able to inspect up to 3 per course.

2. Click on the Inspection Copy button on the right-hand side of the book's product page

Select either Digital or Print Copy and click on the button to add the book to your inspection copy basket. Only books available for inspection have this button. If the book you're interested in doesn't have either of these order options, please contact your local sales consultant as they may be able to provide an inspection copy after consultation.

3. Log in or set up your account

Enter existing details or set up a Sage account to receive inspection copies.

4. Tell us about your courses

Please tell us about the institution you teach at and the courses you are considering the inspection copy for. We also need a delivery address to send the book to you.

5. Complete your request

Check your details and delivery address are correct then confirm your request.

Customers based in Austria, France, Germany, Italy and Switzerland - please note that your request will be passed onto Sage's local representatives Mare Nostrum for processing. They will then send you an email with details of what to do next and how to register with them.

Customers in Australasia please note that your request will be passed onto Sage's local distributor, Booktopia Publisher Services, who will process your request on Sage's behalf.

FE lecturers: If you teach at a college or within the Further Education and Skills sector and you experience problems ordering inspection copies, please contact

6. Submit your feedback and publish your review

Once you have received and reviewed your inspection copy please submit your feedback online and add your comments to our online peer review system.

Sage is the first academic publisher to share independent customer reviews and feedback online, and we feel that encouraging two way communication with customers and colleagues in the academic world is integral to producing quality content. You can publish comments online for inspection copies you have requested via your Sage online account.



Electronic inspection copies

Our textbooks are available as electronic inspection copies, meaning you can get instant access to the book online through VitalSource or Kortext without needing to wait - making it quicker and easier to review teaching resources for your course.  Simply select 'Digital' from the Inspection Copy dropdown box to order in the normal way through our website.

Why order an electronic inspection copy?

  • Simply log in and access – there's no waiting for a print copy to arrive*
  • Accessible anywhere anytime – all you need is a digital device to access the text
  • Handy interactive features – you can annotate and bookmark relevant content to reference in teaching materials
  • Better for the environment – there's no packaging or transport used (and more space on your office shelves!)

Find out more about the benefits of electronic inspection copies in this quick video.




If you have any questions about using electronic inspection copies please contact your local academic consultant.



Print Inspection Copies

Orders from the UK, Scandinavia and Benelux
Print inspection copies are available on request via the website for some titles. If you wish to request a print copy of a title which is only available as an electronic inspection copy via the website, please contact your local sales consultant

Orders from Asia Pacific
We have limited capacity to dispatch print inspection copies, but will instead provide electronic inspection copies (via VitalSource for Australasia and Kortext for other regions) for the majority of our titles, where possible. To place your inspection copy order, please contact your local sales consultant.

Orders from all other regions
We have limited capacity to dispatch print inspection copies to other regions, but will instead provide electronic inspection copies via VitalSource for the majority of our titles, where possible. Once your inspection copy order has been placed, you will receive confirmation and access instructions by email. If you are unable to access electronic inspection copies or if you have any queries, please contact your local sales consultant.



Inspection copy policy

Textbooks marked with the inspection copy button are available free to course lecturers based at higher and further education institutions for adoption review.

  • You may select up to 3 books to consider for course adoption at any one time, up to a maximum of 6 electronic and print books in total through our website in a calendar year.  If you require additional inspection copies or further support your local academic sales consultant can assist with this, as well as helping to identify suitable books for your course, or answering any questions you may have
  • Your opinion is valuable in ensuring we provide you with the right publications for your course and we ask that you submit feedback for each inspection copy you review at Inspection Copy Feedback within 30 days of receipt. You may keep the book(s) with our compliments whether you decide to adopt a text or not, but we request that you submit your feedback online so that we can ensure you continue to receive Sage inspection copies as efficiently as possible. The information you provide us will help ensure that your local bookshop is stocked with enough copies of adopted titles at the right time of year, ensuring the smooth running of your course. Your feedback is important in helping us maintain high standards for our textbook publishing programme and for publishing the most appropriate book for courses, lecturers and students at a reasonable price. We will email you a reminder to submit your feedback to tell us how you will use the book on your course
  • Customers outside of the UK and Europe should allow at least 21 days for print book delivery
  • Sage Publications Ltd is committed to protecting your privacy and any information you give us is used only by Sage Publications. When registering you will be given the opportunity to decide if you would like to be contacted by us. Sage Publications does not trade or share personal data with companies outside the Sage Publications group. Read the full details of our privacy and data protection policy 
  • Inspection copies can be ordered via the Sage website by clicking on the Inspection Copy button next to flagged books. Use the search box to find your book or browse the textbook homepage or discipline pages
  • *If you wish to request an electronic inspection copy, you can order in the same way as a print copy through the Sage website by selecting the Digital option.  These will be delivered via the VitalSource or Kortext platforms, who provide access to our E-ICs.  If you haven't already registered an account with VitalSource or Kortext there may be a slight delay while your profile is approved.  Please note, some books may only be available as an electronic inspection copy
  • If you need help accessing your electronic inspection copy, please visit our VitalSource support page or Kortext support page for instructions.  If you require further assistance please email us at or contact your local sales consultant for assistance
  • The access period for an electronic inspection copy through VitalSource is one year per book and through Kortext is one year in the UK or 30 days in Asia Pacific
  • Inspection copies are sent at the discretion of the publisher. If we cannot verify a teaching status, recognize an institution, or determine whether a course is taught in English, then we may not be able to fulfil an inspection copy request. Supplying academic or professional email addresses, where possible, rather than private hotmail or gmail addresses will speed up the approval process
  • Inspection copies are for the sole use of the requesting course lecturer (or co-lecturers on the same course) or course leader and are transferable only with the prior permission in writing of the publisher
  • Councils, local authorities, practitioners and private training companies wishing to request sample copies for the consideration of bulk copy orders should contact
  • Sage reserves the right to withdraw or restrict this service at any time
  • We reserve the right to supply an electronic inspection copy in place of a paper copy.

If you have any questions about the inspection copy policy please email us at