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Qualitative Analysis

Qualitative Analysis
Eight Approaches for the Social Sciences

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February 2020 | 392 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

Introducing eight analytical approaches that are key to successful social science research, this book helps you get to grips with theory and apply it to qualitative analysis.

With two ‘matched chapters’ dedicated to each approach, it provides a balance between theory and analytical method. The first chapter grounds the approach in theory and the second uses real-world examples to show how to conduct your own analysis using the approach.

Drawing on the contributing authors’ wealth of experience, the book:

·         Highlights how analysis relates to the entire research process and helps you position your analysis within the larger context of your research

·         Provides a strong, theoretical foundation for building good qualitative analysis

·         Guides you through translating theory into real-world practice in your own research

Detailed, clear and accessible, this book is perfect for students who want to understand the theory behind qualitative analysis before conducting their own research, or develop their understanding of specific approaches.

Margaretha Järvinen and Nanna Mik-Meyer
Chapter 1: Analysing qualitative data in the social science
Margaretha Järvinen
Chapter 2: Symbolic interactionism as analytical tradition
Nanna Mik-Meyer
Chapter 3: Symbolic interactionism, stigma, and othering
Michael Gill
Chapter 4: Phenomenology as qualitative methodology
Anne Roelsgaard Obling
Chapter 5: Phenomenological analysis and the relationship between researcher and field
Nils Gilje
Chapter 6: Hermeneutics – theory and methods
Søren Kristiansen
Chapter 7: Interpretation, prejudice and the hermeneutic circle
Lee Martin
Chapter 8: Critical realism as qualitative method
Amber Fletcher
Chapter 9: Critical realism: Philosophical and methodological considerations
Kathy Charmaz
Chapter 10: Grounded Theory – main characteristics
Catherine Colon
Chapter 11: Sampling and conceptualization in Grounded Theory
Michael Bamberg
Chapter 12: Narrative Analysis: An integrative approach
Tea Torbenfeldt Bengtsson & Ditte Andersen
Chapter 13: Narrative analysis – thematic, structural, performative
Kaspar Villadsen
Chapter 14: Michel Foucault’s discourse analysis
Teun A. van Dijk
Chapter 15: Critical discourse analysis
Lise Justesen
Chapter 16: Actor-network theory as analytical approach
Jakob Demant and Signe Ravn
Chapter 17: Actor-network theory and qualitative interviews

An excellent introduction to qualitative research approaches which will be invaluable for Education researchers and students.

Endorsement - Shirley Larkin
University of Exeter

This book is the most comprehensive overview of approaches to analysis in qualitative research that I have seen. It is easy to read and would be well suited for undergraduates or any professionals who wish to use qualitative methods.   

Carrie Childs
University of Derby

A rich book that makes you really think about the crucial questions of doing qualitative research. Finally a book that enlightens the black box of qualitative research.

Willem Koetsenruijter
Universiteit Leiden

This volume emphasizes methodology as an analytical approach. In so doing it seeks to bridge the methods/theory divide by providing sound guidelines for conducting research. This is a welcome and much-needed resource for advanced social sciences students and the experienced researcher.

Kjell Erling Kjellman
University of Oslo

This book is essential reading for social science students and researchers seeking to understand the nuances of different approaches to qualitative research design and analysis. It’s unique merging of theory and practice in relation to eight key approaches sets it apart from other volumes.

Bernadine Brady
National University of Ireland Galway

I never ordered this book for review? Nor did I receive it.

Dr Mary Kinahan
Faculty of Business, Technological University Dublin
March 2, 2021

It helps in a small part of the Course

Professor Ehab Yaseen
Faculty of Management Technology, German University in Cairo - GUC
November 23, 2020

an interesting collection of approaches which will appeal to students considering qualitative methods.

Mr Ian Andrew
Business School, Oxford Brookes University
March 3, 2020

This is an excellent resource for students

Mr Rohit Sagoo
Health & Social Care (Cambridge), Anglia Ruskin University
January 20, 2020

It is a very interesting book with a very good idea behind but for my purpusoes it is not so suitable because out of the eight approaches my students will only use 1, 2 or max three. I will use it in a course but I would not recommend it my students because tehre are some more suitable books eg. King et al or Padgett by Sage.

Professor Dieter Kulke
Fakultät Angewandte Sozialwissenschaften, Fachhochschule Würzburg-Schweinfurt
June 18, 2020

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