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Nursing Research

Nursing Research
An Introduction

Third Edition
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October 2016 | 448 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

This book answers all your students' questions on the nursing research process. Restructured to follow their progress from being a novice nurse researcher to an experienced one, it gives them the knowledge to understand evidence-based practice and critical appraisal and to succeed in their own projects. Key features of the book are:

  • Updated practical coverage of key methods such as conducting a survey and a section on the Research Excellence Framework
  • International research examples in action 
  • Reflective exercises 
  • A companion website including access to journal articles and flashcards.

 It is essential reading for nursing undergraduates, postgraduates and all new researchers.

Part 1: Appraising research
Chapter 1: Research in nursing
Chapter 2: Sources of nursing knowledge
Chapter 3: The research process
Chapter 4: Literature searching
Chapter 5: Critical appraisal
Chapter 6: Literature reviewing
Part 2: Preparing for research
Chapter 7: Research ethics and governance
Chapter 8: Researching ethically
Chapter 9: Developing research questions
Chapter 10: Writing a research proposal
Part 3: Doing research
Chapter 11: Research approaches and design
Chapter 12: Sampling techniques
Chapter 13: Rigour and trustworthiness in research
Chapter 14: Experimental designs
Chapter 15: Qualitative research approaches
Chapter 16: Evaluation and outcomes-based research
Chapter 17: Consensus methods
Chapter 18: Action research
Chapter 19: Case studies and other research approaches
Chapter 20: Systematic literature reviews
Chapter 21: Mixed methods
Chapter 22: Survey design and questionnaires
Chapter 23: Interviews
Chapter 24: Observations
Chapter 25: Other methods of data collection
Chapter 26: Quantitative data analysis techniques
Chapter 27: Qualitative data analysis techniques
Part 4: Sharing research
Chapter 28: Presenting and disseminating research
Chapter 29: Using research in practice

Easily accessible text with companion website resources.

Dr Ian Taylor
~School of Nursing and Midwifery, Brighton University
December 6, 2016