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License Information for CHORUS

Sage participates in CHORUS, an innovative non-profit organization that supports funders, publishers, authors, and institutions to deliver public access to articles reporting on funded research. Through its suite of services and best practices, CHORUS provides a sustainable solution for agencies and publishers to deliver public access to published articles reporting on funded research in the United States. It leverages widely used technology to facilitate a simple compliance process, optimized search and dashboard services, and multiparty archiving and preservation capabilities. For more information visit

Subscription Articles

Through its participation in the CHORUS initiative, in response to government or funder requirements, Sage Publishing will make the final Version of Record of an article publicly available on the Sage journal website and, when appropriate, the relevant funder’s website 12 months after publication. Most Sage articles are published under an Exclusive License or Copyright Assignment agreement, which include a description of the journal’s author archiving and reuse policy. Please visit Guidelines for Sage Authors for more information.

Gold Open Access Articles

Articles published in Gold Open Access journals or via the Sage Choice program are published under one of the available Creative Commons licenses. Please visit Reusing Open Access and Sage Choice Content for more information about Creative Commons licenses.