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Feminism and the New Democracy

Feminism and the New Democracy
Resiting the Political

Edited by:
  • Jodi Dean - Hobart and William Smith Colleges, USA

February 1997 | 288 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
This wide-ranging book responds to and moves beyond recent debates about the relationship between feminism and politics to offer a vision for the future of feminist theory. Leading figures have combined to offer a broad framework through which to articulate a `new democracy' - one that transgresses the traditional oppositions of equality and difference, sex and gender, essential and constructed, to view the `political' as complex, layered and relational.

Issues addressed include: gender, ethnicity, culture and sexual orientation, always embracing the multiple terrains and spaces produced by politics.

`Siting/Citing/Sighting the New Democracy'
Kathleen B Jones
`Flowers from the Volcano'
The Politics of Responsibility and Perspectives on Violence against Women

Zillah Eisenstein
Feminism of the North and West for Export
Transnational Capital and the Racializing of Gender

Kate Mehuron
Exilic Affinities
Diasporic Coalitions in an Epidemic

Karen Engle and Ranjana Khanna
Forgotten History
Myth, Empathy, and Assimilated Culture

Renata Salecl
See No Evil, Speak No Evil
Hate Speech and Human Rights

Nancy Fraser
Equality, Difference and Democracy
Recent Feminist Debates in the United States

Manisha Desai
Constructing/Deconstructing `Women'
Reflections from the Contemporary Women's Movement in India

Shane Phelan
(Be)Coming Out
Lesbian Identity and Politics

Lee Quinby
Genealogical Feminism
A Politic Way of Looking

Patricia J Williams
Spare Parts, Family Values, Old Children, Cheap
Anna Marie Smith
The Regulation of Lesbian Sexuality through Erasure
The Case of Jennifer Saunders

Shannon Bell
Performing Theory
Socrates, Sam, Kate and Scarlot

Drucilla Cornell
Gender Hierarchy, Equality, and the Possibility of Democracy
Patricia S Mann
Musing as a Feminist in a Postfeminist Era
Jodi Dean
The Reflective Solidarity of Democratic Feminism

`A most welcome addition to any political theory course' - Political Studies

`Jodi Dean has compiled an exciting collection of essays that display and advance contemporary feminist contributions to democratic theory and politics. "Feminism" emerges in this volume in dazzling varieties of critical and constructive engagement with "the political". Every essay is a gem. Together, they exemplify the new democratic ethos of solidarity based on a committed engagement and respectful disagreement' - Christine Di Stefano, University of Washington

`An impressive and important collection of work by some of the most important feminist theorists writing today' - Judith Grant, University of Southern California

`Writing from within a broad spectrum of theoretical positions, the contributors to this volume inspire a nuanced reflection on feminist thought and strategies at the end of the twentieth century. The essays illustrate the possibility of embracing the complexities of contemporary politics and identities in such a way that enjoys the ability to analyze the specific, while maintaining a critical optimism about the wider goals of theory and politics. With their avoidance of easy solutions, and by re-directing us to an examination of feminist argument and interpretation, these essays are theoretically sophisticated, inspirational and often moving' - Vikki Bell, Goldsmiths College, University of London

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