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Doing Research in Education

Doing Research in Education
Theory and Practice

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November 2015 | 304 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

This book will help you to plan, design and conduct quality research within the specific context of education and educational studies.


An impressive cast of contributors discuss the reality of conducting research in different educational settings and provide practical advice for both undergraduate and postgraduate students and early career researchers doing research in education.

The book discusses key philosophical issues such as understanding research paradigms, ethics and selecting appropriate methodologies but remains grounded in the practical experience of the researcher. It has comprehensive coverage of the whole research process from start to finish, is easy to navigate and helps develop key skills such as:


  • Time management
  • Creating good research questions and hypotheses
  • Constructing the literature review
  • Structuring a project
  • Writing a proposal
  • Managing data
  • Analysing data
  • Writing for specific audiences


Packed full of learning features and showcasing a wide range of voices and opinions this book is an ideal guide for anyone conducting research in education or educational studies.

David Needham
Chapter 1: The Purpose of Research: Why do we do it?
James Ma
Chapter 2: Making sense of Research Methodology
Ioanna Palaiologou
Chapter 3: Ethical Issues Associated with Educational Research
David Needham
Chapter 4: Constructing the Hypotheses/Creating the Research Question(s)
Dave Needham and Lynda Pinnington-Wilson
Chapter 5: Managing the Project
Krishan Sood
Chapter 6: Writing the Proposal
Tina Byrom
Chapter 7: Constructing the Literature Section
Mark Connolly
Chapter 8: Selecting Appropriate Research Methods for an Educational Context
Kate Lin
Chapter 9: Collecting Qualitative Data
Trevor Male
Chapter 10: Analysing Qualitative Data
Trevor Male
Chapter 11: Collecting Quantitative Data
Ken Spencer
Chapter 12: Analysing Quantitative Data
Glynn Kirkham
Chapter 13: Research Analysis and Discussion
Gary Beauchamp
Chapter 14: Writing and Reporting the Research

"Of direct value to both undergraduate and post graduate students, this text provides stimulating explanations of issues crucial to the production of robust research. It is written in an engaging manner incorporating a range of activities and case studies. Additional linkages are  established between research skills and key employability attributes."

Timothy Palazon
Cardiff Metropolitan University, Cardiff School of Education

Written by a host of experienced researchers, this book gives everything you need for your research in education--design, ethics, literature reviews, quantitative and qualitative methods through to reporting and publication. And it will inspire you to get out and do it!

Stephen Ward
Emeritus Professor, Bath Spa University

This is a well-illustrated book with examples of good practice that guides the thinking of students
when beginning any kind of research in education. The key terminology is emphasised throughout
the book in a simple way, thus giving a good basic understanding of research methods and its application
to practice.

Malini Mistry
International Journal of Primary, Elementary and Early Years Education

This book has not been added to our recommend/essential reading lists purely due to preferring the Punch Social Science Research book. This book has an excellent range of accompanying online resources and each chapter has a focus on 'real life'. There are highlighted key terms, practical tips and quizzes throughout which are all excellent.

Mrs Elizabeth Roberts
Animal Production, Welfare and Veterinary Science, Harper Adams University
July 15, 2020

A great text designed to assist all research students with identifying an appropriate methodology

Dr Michael David Hall
School of Education, University of Nottingham - Malaysia
January 21, 2020

Great book must read for students carrying out a research in education.

Miss Natasha Hassan
Dept of Education, Bolton University
January 14, 2018

a guide to quality research in education

Miss Lisa Paleczek
Educational Science, University of Graz
September 4, 2015

a guide to Quality Research in education

Miss Lisa Paleczek
Educational Science, University of Graz
September 4, 2015

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