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Do Your Interviews

Do Your Interviews
Little Quick Fix

First Edition

December 2018 | 124 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
Interviews are the most common data collection instrument undergraduates turn to. No matter what discipline or level, someone in the course will be doing some interviews. They’re quick, cheap and students think they’re easy. The first two are true, but it’s more than just asking a list of questions. 

This Little Quick Fix lays out the basic how-to of choosing an interview as a method for a project or dissertation, and how to do it well enough so students aren’t docked marks for poor or irrelevant data. Practical and hands-on, readers will be shown everything they need to prepare, how to do it quickly, and all the pitfalls to avoid. Packed with checklists, this is the foolproof solution to getting interview data quickly and effectively. Perfect for undergraduates who need to do this in a week or two. 

Little Quick Fix titles provide quick but authoritative answers to the problems, hurdles, and assessment points students face in the research course, project proposal, or design - whatever their methods learning is.

  • Lively, ultra-modern design; full-colour, each page a tailored design.
  • An hour's read. Easy to dip in and out of with clear navigation enables the reader to find what she needs - quick.
  • Direct written style gets to the point with clear language. Nothing needs to be read twice. No fluff.
  • Learning is reinforced through a 2-minute overview summary; 3-second summaries with super-quick Q&A
  • DIY tasks create a work plan to accomplish a task, do a self-check quiz, solve a problem, get students to what they need to show their supervisor.
  • Checkpoints in each section make sure students are nailing it as they go and support self-directed learning.
  • How do I know I’m done? Each Little Quick Fix wraps up with a final checklist that allows the reader to self-assess they’ve got what they need to progress, submit, or ace the test or task.
1. How do I know I should use interviews in my research project?
2. How do I find people to interview?
3. How do I get people to agree to be interviewed?
4. What kind of questions will give me the most detailed data?
5. What practicalities do I need to plan?
6. How should I behave during the interview?
7. What should I do after the interview?

From a review of both Write A Questionnaire and Do Your Interviews

"Beautifully written, and chock-full of key information, dealt with in a jargon-free but never condescending way. They initiate a mature understanding of both the practical issues and the human factors at play in both questionnaires and interviewing
I would therefore recommend these to undergraduate students and, given the welcoming layout and the clear use of language, I would also recommend them to non-native English speakers learning research skills in English."

Amanda Haste
National Coalition of Independent Scholars

Helen Kara's book on how do do your interviews is accessible, full of practical 'how to' tips that allows the novice and experienced researcher to carefully consider how to do interviews successfully, generously sharing many tips and suggestions that would make this process easier, for the researcher to collect valid, authentic data that will inform and support any research process.

Mrs Michele Fuller
Department of Education, Colchester Institute
June 25, 2020

It provides a quick guide for interview

Dr Omololu Fagbadebo
Faculty of Management Sciences, Durban University of Technology
November 28, 2019