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SAGE acquires The Goodwin Group International, LLC publisher of MD Conference Express®

Los Angeles, CA - SAGE, the global independent scholarly and professional publisher, announced today the acquisition of The Goodwin Group International, LLC, publisher of MD Conference Express®, the first publication to subject medical conference highlights to the rigorous test of peer review.

The acquisition will strengthen SAGE’s ability to disseminate peer-reviewed content in medical disciplines and will complement SAGE’s current portfolio of more than 150 medical journals published on behalf of more than 100 medical societies.

Discover how the mind and the body are linked in SAGE Reference's Encyclopedia of Sport and Exercise Psychology

Los Angeles - Why do some athletes reach the very top of their sport and others don’t? Is it possible to train an athlete’s mental processes, alongside the physical training, to achieve peak performance, maintain concentration, motivation and competitive drive—even when dealing with competitors, teammates, audiences, parents, coaches, or injuries? The new two-volume Encyclopedia of Sport and Exercise Psychology from SAGE Reference explores the theory, research, and application of psychology as it relates to sport and fitness.

Understand how social media has changed politics in SAGE Reference's Encyclopedia of Social Media and Politics

Los Angeles - Political messages, throughout history, were delivered to the masses by an elite few through “the power of the press” in newspapers, and later through broadcast media. Then social media exploded onto the scene and everything changed. Suddenly, it’s possible for anyone to share political viewpoints, and with enough friends or followers, swing public opinion. The new, authoritative and comprehensive Encyclopedia of Social Media and Politics from SAGE Reference explores how the rise of social media is now altering politics around the world.

COUNTER 4 Reports Now Available to SAGE Customers

Los Angeles, CA - Institutional Reports from COUNTER 4, the latest standard in usage reporting for journals, databases, books, and multimedia content, are now available for all SAGE and CQ Press products.

This update retires COUNTER 3 reports and adds three new reports to those previously available (asterisked):

Brian Coutts named 2014 Marta Lange/SAGE-CQ Press Award Winner

Chicago, IL and Los Angeles, CA - Brian E. Coutts, professor and head of the department of library public services at Western Kentucky University, has been awarded the 2014 Association of College and Research Libraries (ACRL) Law and Political Science Section (LPSS) Marta Lange/SAGE-CQ Press Award. The award, established in 1996 by LPSS, honors an academic or law librarian who has made distinguished contributions to bibliography and information service in law or political science.

Research Methods for the Behavioral Sciences wins 2014 Most Promising New Textbook Award

Los Angeles, CA - Research Methods for the Behavioral Sciences, by Dr. Gregory J. Privitera, has been honored by the Text and Academic Authors Association (TAA) with a 2014 Most Promising New Textbook Award (Texty). The book was published in July of 2013 by SAGE.

The Most Promising New Textbook category was created in 2012 to recognize current textbooks and learning materials that are still in their first editions. Judges are published textbook authors.

New Fukushima book features stark eyewitness accounts

Los Angeles, CA - March 11, 2014 will mark three years since Japan’s Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant failed in the wake of a tsunami and earthquake – a failure that arguably could have been prevented with better planning and management. A new book by a commission of top experts drawn from the Japanese private sector dissects the disaster and includes chilling eyewitness accounts from Fukushima workers who were at the site at the very moment “the asphalt began to ripple” and cracks appeared on turbine buildings.

The First World War Portal Awarded Best Reference by Library Journal

The combined award covers both First World War collections: Personal Experiences and Propaganda and Recruitment

Marlborough, England - Digital primary sources publisher, Adam Matthew, announced today that The First World War Portal is the latest Adam Matthew collection to be awarded Best Reference by Library Journal.