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Sociology has always been a diverse subject. There’s no single way of researching or teaching it, and our list here reflects this. Varied … journals.   Sociology

SAGE to begin publishing The Sociological Review

The Sociological Review, Britain’s oldest sociology journal, will be joining the comprehensive social science portfolio … Sociological Review has published leading social science articles for over …

Sage Studies in International Sociology

Sociology (SSIS) was founded in 1974 and is published in connection with the International Sociological Association. The books in this … map out future trends of sociological importance …

Sociology and Cultural Studies

Classical and Contemporary Sociological Theory, Second Edition: A Text Reader … Sociological Theory … Our Social World: Introduction to Sociology, Third Edition Media …

Teach Sociology with SAGE

Social Inequality to Research Methods, Race & Ethnicity to Sociology of … … Sociology.   …

Sociology with SAGE

… … conducting research, or looking to publish your next research paper, Sociology