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Case Study Methods in Education

Case Study Methods in Education

Four Volume Set
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May 2013 | 1 440 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
This four-volume major work collates and contextualises key papers on the use of case study in education. The collection brings together methodological publications and publications which provide exemplars of case study. The methodological material provides both critical analyses of case study and those which champion its use, offering at the same time a chronological map of the development of case study from its earliest uses to today.

Framed by an introductory passage in each volume which seeks to provide a synopsis of the methodological discussion and a commentary on the exemplary material, this set provides for serious students in education original source material to appraise the method together with exemplary sample material to help them plan and organize their case studies.

Volume One: Methodological issues around the use of case studies in social science

Volume Two: Methodological issues around the use of case studies in education

Volume Three: The case study in practice - general issues and specific examples

Volume Four: Examples of case studies in education

Mary Timney Bailey
Do Physicists Use Case Studies? Thoughts on Public Administration Research
Howard Becker
Cases, Causes, Conjunctures, Stories, Imagery
York Bradshaw and Michael Wallace
Informing Generality and Explaining Uniqueness
The Place of Case Studies in Comparative Research

Jerome Bruner
The Narrative Construction of Reality
Richard Fenno
Observation, Context and Sequence in the Study of Politics
Bent Flyvbjerg
Five Misunderstandings about Case Study Research
Martyn Hammersley
The Issue of Quality in Qualitative Research
Martyn Hammersley and Roger Gomm
Allen Lee
Case Studies as Natural Experiments
Arend Lijphart
Comparative Politics and the Comparative Method
Jennifer Platt
'Case Study' in American Methodological Thought
Charles Ragin
Cases of 'What Is a case?'

Paul Roth
How Narratives Explain
Nicolaj Siggelkow
Persuasion with Case Studies
Gary Thomas
A Typology for the Case Study in Social Science Following a Review of Definition, Discourse and Structure
Gary Thomas
Doing Case Study
Abduction not Induction; Phronesis not Theory

Rob Van Wynsberghe and Samia Khan
Redefining Case Study
Michel Wieviorka
Case Studies
History or Sociology?

Paul Atkinson and Sara Delamont
Bread and Dreams or Bread and Circuses? A Critique of 'Case Study' Research in Education
Carl Bagley and Mary Beth Cancienne
Educational Research and Inter-Textual Forms of (Re) Presentation
The Case for Dancing the Data

Michael Bassey
Pedagogic Research
On the Relative Merits of Search for Generalization and Study of Single Events

Michael Bassey
Pedagogic Research into Singularities
Case Studies, Probes and Curriculum Innovations

David Garvin
Making the Case
Professional Education for the World of Practice

Stephen Kemmis
The Imagination of the Case and the Invention of the Study
Patti Lather
This Is Your Father's Paradigm
Government Intrusion and the Case of Qualitative Research in Education

Barry MacDonald and Rob Walker
Case Study and the Social Philosophy of Educational Research
Alan Peshkin
In Search of Subjectivity - One's Own
Helen Simons
Ethics of Case Study in Educational Research and Evaluation
Helen Simons
The Paradox of Case Study
Louis Smith
An Evolving Logic of Participant Observation, Educational Ethnography and Other Case Studies
Robert Stake
The Case Study Method in Social Inquiry
Lawrence Stenhouse
Case Study and Case Records
Towards a Contemporary History of Education

Lawrence Stenhouse
The Study of Samples and the Study of Cases
Gary Thomas
The Case
Generalization and Theory in Case Study

Rob Walker
Three Good Reasons for not Doing Case Studies in Curriculum Research
Rob Walker
Case Study, Case Records and Multimedia
Peter Benson and Kedron Thomas
After Cultural Competency
Research Practice and Moral Experience in the Study of Brand Pirates and Tobacco Farmers

J. Diamond
The Last People Alive
Pitcairn and Henderson Islands

Kathleen Eisenhardt and Melissa Graebner
Theory -Building from Cases
Opportunities and Challenges

Sigmund Freud
Extract from Five Lectures on Psychoanalysis
Clifford Geertz
Deep Play
Notes on the Balinese Cockfight

A.L. George and A. Bennett
Phase One
Designing Case Study Research

John Gerring
What Is a Case Study and What Is It Good for?
Jane Gilgun
A Case for Case Studies in Social Work Research
J.M.G. Itard
First Developments of the Young Savage of Aveyron
Christine Elizabeth Kiesinger
From Interview to Story
Writing Abbie's Life

J.Clyde Mitchell
Case and Situation Analysis
J. Patrick
The First Night
Esther Prins
Participatory Photography
A Tool for Empowerment or Surveillance?

Andrew Sparkes
Embodiment, Academics and the Audit Culture
A Story Seeking Consideration

Gary Thomas
What Is a Case Study?
W.I. Thomas and F. Znaniecki
Extract from 'The Polish Peasant in Europe and America'
S.J. Ball
Adolescents, Social Life and School Life
Liz Brooker
'Five on the First of December!'
What Can We Learn from Case Studies of Early Childhood Literacy?

Hugh Busher
The Crux of Leadership
Shaping School Culture by Contesting the Policy Contexts and Practices of Teaching and Learning

Hilary Cremin, Gary Thomas and Karen Vincett
Working with Teaching Assistants
Three Models Evaluated

Feyisa Demie
Achievement of Black Caribbean Pupils
Good Practice in Lambeth Schools

Jon Driessen and Julene Newland Pyfer
An Unconventional Setting for a Conventional Occasion
A Case Study of an Experimental Adult Education Program

Eleanor Duckworth
Teaching as Research
Philip Ferguson
The Puzzle of Inclusion
A Case Study of Autistic Students in the Life of One High School

David García, Tara Yosso and Frank Barajas
'A Few of the Brightest, Cleanest Mexican Children'
School Segregation as a Form of Mundane Racism in Oxnard, California, 1900-1940

S. Hart et al
Julie's Approach
Access, Security and Success

Sara Hennessy, Paul Warwick and Neil Mercer
A Dialogic Inquiry Approach to Working with Teachers in Developing Classroom Dialogue
Chris Holligan
Theory in Initial Teacher Education
Students' Perspectives on Its Utility - a Case Study

Lessons and Dilemmas Derived from the Literacy Instruction of Two Latina/o Teachers

Robert Jimenez and Russell Gersten
Peter Johnston
Understanding Reading Disability
A Case Study Approach

G. Thomas, D. Walker and J. Webb
The Making of the Inclusive School
P. Willis
Extract from Learning to Labour
Travis Wright
Learning to Laugh
A Portrait of Risk and Resilience in Early Childhood

H.F. Wolcott
The School and Community

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