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A School Board Guide to Leading Successful Schools

A School Board Guide to Leading Successful Schools
Focusing on Learning

Foreword by Anne Bryant

October 2013 | 248 pages | Corwin
We know that high quality professional learning can play a significant role in advancing student achievement. This book is aimed at school board members with a desire to deepen their understanding of professional learning as a means to improving their decision making and, ultimately, improving outcomes for educators and their students. Each chapter focuses on a critical decision point that boards frequently encounter. Through a combination of descriptive text, case vignettes, and activities, board members will cultivate a deeper understanding of each decision point, its connection to professional learning, and an enhanced capacity to confront problems.
Foreword by Anne Bryant
About the Authors
Introduction: Using This Book as a Guide to Your Learning
1. Hiring the Superintendent: Making the Right Choice
2. Planning Strategically: Setting and Supporting Priorities
3. Advancing Professional Learning: Adopting Standards for Professional Learning
4. Allocating Resources: Prioritizing Dollars and Time for Learning
5. Improving School Performance: Reviewing School Improvement Plans
6. Approving Programs: Supporting Professional Learning for Success
7. Setting School Calendars: Providing Time for Educator Learning
8. Building Schools: Putting Learning at the Center
9. Evaluating Performance: Aligning Expectations
10. Compensating Educators: Supporting Learning and Action
11. Engaging Parents: Making Parent Learning a Priority
12. Improving Continuously: Walking the Talk of Professional Learning
Appendix A: Standards for Professional Learning
Appendix B: Standards for Professional Learning: School Board Innovation Configuration Maps
Appendix C: Standards for Professional Learning: Superintendent Innovation Configuration Map (Leadership Standard)
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"As Hirsh and Foster note, school boards play a pivotal role in creating a climate of learning in a school system. They have numerous and diverse opportunities to do this--by enacting policies, approving school calendars, adopting budgets, evaluating superintendents, and engaging their communities, to cite just a few. This book offers practical advice to enable school boards to fulfill this critical aspect of their public leadership role. It is a roadmap for action and continuous improvement for every school board."

Thomas J. Gentzel, Executive Director
National School Boards Association, Alexandria, VA

"Effective professional learning merits school board involvement and direction as an integral part of the school district’s vision, mission, goals, and planning. This book will lead a board and district leadership through the process of transforming ‘professional learning’ from a ‘district department’ to an essential component of the district’s culture."

Luke Davis, Former Trustee
Richardson ISD Board of Trustees, TX

"The demands of public education continue to challenge school boards and school district managers. New initiatives and changes to existing programs have become routine. School boards must include support for implementation of these initiatives and changes by establishing a foundation for professional development in their strategic plans and by allocating resources for the professional development needed to succeed."

Glen Ishiwata, Retired Superintendent
Moreland School District, San Jose, CA

"This book is an excellent tool for the collaborative work of school boards and school personnel. The case studies align with today’s challenges in education and in professional learning. The design of the activities encourages the collaboration and conversation that supports continuous improvement in education. This is a great tool for advocating for professional learning!"

Lisa Casto, Director of Curriculum and Staff Development
Allen ISD, TX

"As Professional Learning Director for my school system, I am excited about the possibilities this field guide affords my district through reflection, collaboration, professional growth, and student achievement."

Rhonda Baldwin, Professional Learning Director
Douglas County School System, Douglasville, GA

"Hirsh and Foster have utilized their experiences as educators, board members and professional learning experts to create a valuable resource for school administrators and board members committed to institutionalizing the concept of Professional Learning Communities 'from the boardroom to the classroom.' The chapters are organized to provide case studies on relevant educational topics. The addition of 'conversation starters' and 'activities' aimed at promoting understanding, reflection and proposed actions, allow the guide to be used in a variety of ways. Most importantly, the guide provides a template for boards and administrators to address any issues that impact both student and adult learning."

Wendy Robinson, Superintendent
Fort Wayne Community Schools, IN

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