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Bridging School and Home Through Family Nights

Bridging School and Home Through Family Nights
Ready-to-Use Plans for Grades K-8

September 2005 | 192 pages | Corwin
Teachers know that connections with families will reap benefits, but they struggle with the "how." Research shows that there is a link between family involvement and their children's academic success. Other research shows that children learn best when instruction is meaningful and connects to the knowledge they and their families hold.

Family nights are after-school, evening, or weekend events which involve families (adults and children) in enjoyable and academically grounded activities and experiences. Family nights provide a way for schools to learn about and from families and for families to learn about and from schools. The ultimate beneficiaries are the students who benefit from such increased involvement and from improved communication and understanding.

Reproducibles and other materials include:

" Invitations

" Agendas

" Sign-in sheets

" Evaluation forms

" Activity worksheets

" Handouts

" Overheads

" Additional resources

" Connections with national standards

" Tips and suggestions for an outstanding event

Includes information on adaptions for special populations, issues around providing food and incentives, and cost-saving ideas. Each chapter is a self-contained unit, containing all information, suggestions, and materials for planning and running a successful event. All family night designs have an academic focus and are aligned with standards.

This book is appropriate for primary teachers and headteachers or anyone in the school or district responsible for family involvement.

About the Authors
1. Getting Families Involved in School Through Family Nights
2. Scrapbook Family Night: Preserving Memories in Words and Pictures
3. Books, Books, and More Books: A Reading-Focused Family Night
4. Meet Our Pets Family Night
5. A Morning of Family Fun With Math
6. Sharing Family Stories and Traditions Night
7. Game-Making/Writing Family Night for Developing Writing Skills
8. Pajama Party Family Night: A Reading Event
9. Meeting Famous People Through Biographies Family Night
10. Sharing Hobbies, Talents, and Interests Family Night
11. Poetry Family Morning
12. Making Science Fun Family Night
13. Fun With Language: A Family Night of Riddles, Jokes, and Cartoons
14. Health and Wellness Family Night
15. Next Steps: Getting the Most Out of Family Nights
Resource A: Reproducible Planning Guide
Resource B: Reproducible Sign-in Sheet
Resource C: Helpful Web Sites
Resource D: Spanish Translations of Invitations

"The authors suggest that Family Night benefits include increased parental participation, stronger partnerships, and better teaching/learning in the classroom. This book is recommended to anyone interested in improving students' academic achievement through parental involvement."

Principal Navigator, March 2007

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