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Assessing Multilingual Learners

Assessing Multilingual Learners
Bridges to Empowerment

Third Edition

Foreword by Margaret E. Malone

January 2024 | 344 pages | Corwin

Empowering multilingual learners, families, and teachers

With its emphasis on relationship building as the backdrop for linguistically and culturally sustainable assessment, the bestselling second edition of Assessing Multilingual Learners significantly impacted the field of language education. Applying the groundbreaking assessment “as,” “for,” and “of” learning model to new contexts, this updated third edition offers educators welcoming and encouraging ways to support multilingual learners to succeed in school and beyond.

Through eight thoroughly revised chapters, Dr. Margo Gottlieb ties assessment to teaching and learning to foster agency and empowerment for multilingual learners, families, and teachers. This book envisions assessment as a process integral to and embedded in curriculum and instruction through:

  • Assets-based language
  • Student-centered activities
  • Classroom assessment tools
  • Portraits of practice illustrating authentic assessment practices
  • References and resources for stimulating discussion
  • Deep questioning for thinking through processes, dilemmas, or challenges

Assessing Multilingual Learners explores the realities and possibilities of classroom assessment as a road to inspire multilingual learners, their families, and teachers to reach great heights.

About the Author
Introduction: Shifting Assessment Mindsets
Chapter 1: Empowering Multilingual Learners and Teachers Through Assessment
Chapter 2: Issues in Assessment for Multilingual Learners
Chapter 3: Assessment as, for, and of Learning
Chapter 4: Multiliteracies, Multimodalities, and Multilingualism in Assessment
Chapter 5: Connecting Assessment to Curriculum and Instruction
Chapter 6: Dynamic Student Assessment Systems
Chapter 7: Student Evidence for Learning
Chapter 8: Assessment and Grading Practices

"Gottlieb’s handbook on assessment for multilingual learners is a rich and accessible practical guide for all educators, be they in the classroom, in administrative roles, or in research spaces. 

In this third edition of her work, she expands upon her framework of assessment “as, for, and of” learning, with a new focus on empowerment, and expanded conceptualizations of digital and multi-literacies. Noting that the strong multiplex identities and practices of learners – multilingual, multicultural, multiliterate –  are the locus of their power, she provides a clear vision that well-designed assessment is a key lever for making those strengths shine for all to see. She argues persuasively that when educators and students have the agency to work together to plan, collect, interpret, and use information, learners and teachers are empowered to own and expand their learning."

Keira Ballantyne
Vice President, Programs and Development of Center for Applied Linguistics

"For decades educators, researchers, and policy makers have considered Dr. Margo Gottlieb as THE trailblazer who creates pathways to shape and reshape the ways in which we can authentically assess Multilingual Learners. Her passion-driven work continues to pave the way for us to capture and showcase the incredible richness of our students’ learning, far beyond the confines of monolingual, standardized testing. 

Assessing multilingual learners: Bridges to empowerment. 3rd ed. provides yet another foundational resource for dynamic assessment practices. Within the eight chapters Dr. Gottlieb unfolds assets-based approaches that lead us to co-construct comprehensive, empowering assessment practices. She’s created theory-informed tools for the field to spotlight MLs’ “Funds of Identity” within their schools, families, and communities. As if this weren’t enough of a treasure, Dr. Gottlieb also presents unique chapter features of Portraits of Practice and Let’s Connect to elevate teachers’ voices while also making space for deeper, contextual reflections. I’m truly inspired [again!] by her latest book and can’t wait to use it with pre- and in-service educators!!"

Joan Lachance
Associate Professor, Author, and Consultant

"In the third edition of her book, Gottlieb asks educators to abandon the “pobrecito (poor thing) syndrome” to assessment, and instead to shift our thinking to empower multilingual learners, their families, and teachers. This notion builds on equity to become twin goals for instruction or assessment. Gottlieb reminds us that assessment as, for, and of learning can help us move from equity to empowerment in assessment practices. In this 3rd edition, this unfolds through the lens of multilingualism and multiculturalism."

Ivannia Soto
Professor of Education and Consultant, Whittier College

"Consistent with her previous publications, Gottlieb presents an artful educator-focused book on assessing bi/multilingual learners. In a masterful combination of policy, research, and practice, Assessing Multilingual Learners: Bridges to Empowerment, Third Edition prepares educators at the classroom, school, district, and state level to engage with assessment of bi/multilingual learners in ways that are responsible to the diversity of languages, cultures, identities, and life-experiences of students. Furthermore, the shift from equity to empowerment comes to life as the reader navigates assessment of bi/multilingual learners and walks away with actionable steps to redefine assessment as, for, and of learning alongside students. Most importantly, Gottlieb fulfills a need of every educator by promoting dynamic assessment systems that integrate teacher, student, and family voices and culminates the book with much-needed guidance that disrupts traditional grading and presents solutions that lead to student empowerment."

Samuel Aguirre
WIDA Español Director, WIDA at WCER, UW-Madison

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